IMG_1975Thanks so much for your interest in hosting a fundraising event for Impact Sports!


Planning is always the first, and most important step.  We’ll walk you through several steps of the planning process and things you will need to consider for your event.  We also ask that you keep us informed of any event you’re planning to host so that we can be in the loop and help you along the way.

So, let’s get started….


Type of Event: We’d say the most important step is to decide on the basic concept of your event.  It’s much easier to plan the schedule, food, and activities if you know what you’re planning for.  Start by focusing your event towards a specific group of people. Friends? Family? Small Groups?  Co-workers? Teammates? The best results typically come from events that are geared towards those attending.  Then, decide what you and that group of people enjoy doing together.  If you love softball, consider a softball tournament.  If you love inviting friends over to your house to hang out, consider a house party.  To help you get started, we’ve grouped events into social or athletic and have more in-depth information as well as a few ideas to get your wheels spinning.





Date:  This is pretty important as well.  Think about when your event should take place and research community calendars to make sure there aren’t any major conflicts.  Please also be sure to email our staff to make sure we don’t have any big events coming up which might be a conflict.  Then, set your date, time, and location.


Fundraising Goal:  Next, you will want to determine how money raised at your event will support the expenses and eventually get to Impact Sports.  It’s important to note that Impact Sports does not provide financial resources back to the event team to cover overhead costs and expenses of the event once its received.  If you have any questions, we’d be happy to answer them for you so just give us a call.


IMG_1407Teamwork: Recruit some help. Remember, teamwork is always better so choose people to partner with you. We’d even suggest recruiting some of your teammates from past trips if you’ve participated in an Impact Sports trip. Just think of the stories you could tell about the impact that was made on your life and those you served.

If you’re ready to host an event, please email our staff today to get started!